Trayning Tractor Pull, Burnouts, Mudbog 2022

The TTPA holds an annual event with Tractor pull, Burnout, 4×4 track and mudbog competitions which were started to provide a place where drivers are able to get loud and dirty and do it all in a safe environment.

The TTPA annual event involves 4 separate competitions- Tractor pull in conjunction with WATPA members, Burnout competition, 4wd mud bog, and 4wd course
Nominations can be made on the day, but it is preferred that they are made beforehand and emailed to trayningtractorpull@outlook.com
Competitors must be aged 16+ and must have held at least a valid learner’s permit.
There are 4 competitions.
1. Tractor pull- where a modified purpose-built tractor pulls the sled down the 100m track winner is determined by who pulls the sled the furthest down the track.
2. Burnout- 23m round burnout pad, drivers are scored on the amount of tyre smoke and movement on the pad, extra points are given for blowing tyres, and points are deducted for leaving the pad.
3. Mud bog- the TTPA-designed course that consists of large bog holes that weave throughout ending in the “heroes hole” winner are the fastest time through the course
4. 4wd track- another TTPA designed course, to test driver, vehicle control through obstacles, winner determined by fastest time, time added but hitting markers


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