Wildflower Update No.1 2020

July 2020 Season Update!

Some significant rainfalls finally fell in parts of the Wheatbelt Way in late June and early July will go a long way in kick-starting the annual wildflower growth with a promising wildflower season. At this point in time, we think that wildflowers will be in bloom from mid-August through to mid-September.

Wildflowers generally can be found at most locations across the Wheatbelt Way Self-Drive Trail, but each year we endeavour to tell you where the BEST ones to view are. Our HOT TIP is if you are on your Wheatbelt Way Road Trip to stop into the Visitor Center in each town and ask! The LOCAL staff will know all the best LOCAL wildflower spots!

This week we have heard that the carpets everlastings have just come out in bloom in the Morawa and Mingenew region and our area is usually about 3-4 weeks behind them if we have had the right conditions (at the moment the night time temperatures are still a little bit too cold!).

If you are a native Orchid buff the time is from now to get the car ready for a weekend of Orchid spotting out in the Wheatbelt. In the Wheatbelt region, there have been sightings of some Green-veined Shell Orchids in flower, they are tiny so you will need to be vigilant.

We wish you could tell you exactly what date they will be in full bloom, but this update is the best we can do! We will make sure we keep you informed about what is happening with the Wildflowers in the Wheatbelt Way through regular email updates and social media posts during this period. If you find any flowers before we do let us know through Facebook or #wheatbeltway on Instagram. You can also email information and photos to contact@wheatbeltway.com.au 

We rely on your information to keep our information up-to-date.

Beacon Guided Wildflower Tours

Hop on the bus and follow our local Guide through the discovery of local Wildflowers, from Everlastings to Orchids, Rare Plants, and Bush Flowers. Explore rock pools, take in great views, and learn more about our history of the land that is nature’s greatest gift. Only $25 per person!

Held every Monday!
From the 17th August to 28th September 2020, 10 am – 2 pm.

Morning Tea and Lunch provided.


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Wildflower Tracker

For state-wide information on Wildflower hotspots the WA Visitor Centre has an online tracking of location of wildflower sites
This is also a great spot to record and share your wildflower sightings!


Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail