Wildflower Update No.4 – Sunday 6th September, Father’s Day!

Wildflower season is in full swing in the Wheatbelt Way. Now is the time to visit! The carpets of everlastings are out, but don’t let their name fool you – as they are not everlasting and with the warmer weather that comes now that spring is here they will only last another week or two!

The best place to see carpets of pink everlastings is at Site 12, Datjoin Rock on the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail.

It is nearly the end of the season for the Winter orchids, but if you search hard some still can still be found around the granite outcrops. 

The Wheatbelt Way Bush is in bloom now – Acacia’s, Grevillea’s, Hakea’s, Melaleuca’s and so many other species are showing off with their amazing blooms.

Not a native wildflower, but the Canola crops are peaking now and will only be in bloom for another week or two also before then setting seed and getting ready to be harvested by the farmers.

So make sure that if you are wanting to see some of the best of Western Australia’s Wildflowers that you wander out yonder to the Wheatbelt Way and discover them for yourselves! In the meantime check out some of the great photos from the region that have been on Instagram this week!


Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail