Easter Camping in the Wheatbelt Way

I’m writing this in anticipation of our family Easter camping trip this weekend. My kids are all excited as not only is it Easter it is the start of the school holidays and it has nearly been 5 months since we have been camping (if you exclude the tent set up on the back lawn in the January school holidays). So we are heading out to some of our favorite sites on the Wheatbelt Way (and some off it) on Friday and we are excited to see how many other people will be out and about on the Wheatbelt Way and how they have heard about it.

Just like everyone else I’m sure, but it has been a busy start to the year and my plan is to just take a few days off and chill out! I have absolutely no plans other than to relax in a camp chair and read a book (yes the paper kind! No phones, no computers!). Indulge in some good food (I have a cheese stash, but the hubby has bought a new camp oven and reckons his chief camp cook). Take some walks to explore with the kids (who are hoping that with the rain there will be rock pools and tadpoles) and enjoy the company of some good friends around the campfire, whilst taking the time to just gaze at the stars.

Yes I know in reality I know there will be the mad rush to get organised and pack and then the unpacking when we get back home, perhaps we will be swamped by the bush flies (must remember to pack the repellent) and there will probably be tears at some point. But it will be worth it, just to take the time out.

What are your plans this Easter? Don’t panic if you have left Easter Campsite planning for the last minute, take a look at the sites along the Wheatbelt Way, I can highly recommend it!



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