The Wheatbelt Way offers an abundance of free locations at which to set up camp. A comprehensive list of sites has been provided below.  We ask that you ‘tread lightly’ in the bush and “don’t love these areas to death” so that we can minimize damage to the campsites and the surrounding environment and reduce the need for area closures or access restrictions. We ask that all visitors by mindful suggest the following when camping out in the Wheatbelt Way.

  • Camp only in designated sites
  • Use established sites rather than creating new ones.
  • Camp in small groups as fewer feet has less impact on campsites. If possible, disperse larger groups into smaller nodes rather than using a single large camp.
  • Be aware of the total fire ban days. Check before leaving with the Local Government Authorities or Visitor Information Centres if you are unsure, it is your responsibility to know.
  • Take all rubbish with you or place it in bins if provided. If you carry it in – carry it out! Bring plenty of rubbish bags for the purpose.
  • Use toilets where provided.
  • Bring your own firewood with you and do not use chainsaws and /or take wood from the surrounding bushland for your campfire.
  • Be considerate of others sharing your camp – radios, CD players, mobile phones, motorbikes, and generators can be out of place in the natural environment.
  • Leave your camp cleaner than when you arrived.
  • Respect the rights of landowners. Don’t enter private property without permission.


Minnivale Townsite

Totally unserviced sites, limited facilities for self contained caravans only, natural bush, toilet, dump point, honesty box. Dogs welcom on a leash.



Mollerin Rock

Located 50km north of the Koorda townsite on the Kulja-Mollerin Rock Road, it has picnic and camping facilities including picnic tables and a toilet. During late winter and spring this nature reserve has a picturesque display of wildflowers and beautiful panoramic view from the top of the rock.


Located 20km north of Koorda on Newcarlbeon Road, during late winter and spring this nature reserve have a picturesque display of wildflowers, a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the rock and an enjoyable picnic area.

Native Flora Reserve

Located 14km east of Koorda on the Mulji Road, this reserve has a large collection of varieties of flora native to the Koorda area including the “Koorda Rose”. BBQ and Picnic facililties are on site as well as walk trails and a toilet.



Marshall Rock Camping

Located 10km south of Bencubbin townsite on Marshall Rock Road it has picnic and camping facilities including tables, fire pits and a toilet. A great place for bushwalking, bird watching and viewing the wildflowers. However one of the best reasons to visit the site is the spectacular views from the top of Marshall Rock, where one can see Lake McDermott, vast agricultural lands and even the Bencubbin Wheatbins. The reserve covers 1.4 square kilometres and is bounded by private land to the north south and west, with Marshall Rock to the southeast.

Gabbin Town Hall

The town of Gabbin located 18km west of Bencubbin is a small townsite originally served as a railway station for the Wyalkatchem to Mount Marshall line that was constructed through the area in 1913. It now is nearly a ghost town (no shops or other facilities) these days, with only a few houses remaining with only the key buildings remaining and a Heritage Trail which is a walk around the town with interpretive plaques explaining the various historical aspects of the sites.. The Gabbin Community Group have installed a unisex shower and toilet with disabled access at the Gabbin Town Hall and welcome visitors to stop and stay a night or two in the shade of the trees.



Billiburning Reserve

Located 30km north of the Beacon Townsite, Billiburning Reserve has pleasant picnic and camping facilities with tables, fire pits and a toilet. It has attractive wildflowers; a good view from the top of the rock and it is also an ideal location for watching birds and other native fauna and offers many memorable photograph opportunities.



Beringbooding Rock

Located 70km north of Mukinbudin on Beringbooding Road, Beringbooding Rock has the largest rock water catchment tank in Australia, built in 1937 and holding two and a quarter million gallons. It has picnic and large camping facilities including picnic tables, fire pits and a toilet. Take a walk along the walk trail to see the amazing balance boulder, a huge gnamma hole, and some of the Kalamaia tribes’ paintings of hands in a cave at the rear of the rock.

Weira Reserve

Located 13 kilometres east of Mukinbudin is the Weira Reserve. It boasts a picturesque limestone breakaway with gnamma hole. There are barbecue and picnic facilities and a toilet. Native flora and fauna abounds. Native orchids may be found on the bush trail and keep an eye out for the Red Capped Robin.



St Luke's Church FREE 48hr Parking Area

Free 48hr Camping area provided by the Shire of Westonia as a RV friendly town. This is for fully self-contained recreational vehicles only. The church and parking area are located at the northern end of the main street of Westonia.  Rubbish bins available for visitors to use and the area also benefits from some natural shade. The main street location means the Westonia General Store is only a quick five minute walk up the main street.


Elachbutting Rock

Located 100km north of the Westonia townsite on Elachbutting Road, Elachbutting Rock and surrounds is an excellent area for bush walks, nature trails, and picnics. Also, there is beautiful scenery during the winter and spring seasons. It has picnic tables, fire pits, a toilet, and plenty of room to set up camp. No dogs allowed.



Danberrin Rock

Located 10 km South of Nungarin townsite on Baird Road. There are BBQ and picnic facilities and a toilet.

Eaglestone Rock

Located 21km north of Nungarin on Lake Brown Road. There are BBQ and picnic facilities. There are currently no toilet facilities at Eaglestone Rock with the composting toilet now removed.


Talgomine Rock

Located 20km East of Nungarin Talgomine Reserve Road. There are BBQ and picnic facilities and a toilet.