Photo Competition

2023 Wheatbelt Way Photo Competition

We are excited to announce the winner of the 2023 Wheatbelt Way Photo Competition. This year, our judging panel was captivated by the remarkable talent showcased by photographers capturing the essence of the Wheatbelt Way. The competition was strong, and the selection process was entirely impartial, with no prior knowledge of entrants.


The Winner: Lex Porebski Our heartfelt congratulations go to Lex Porebski, whose photograph truly encapsulated the captured the essence and character of both landscapes and individuals of the Wheatbelt Way. We extend our warmest congratulations to Lex Porebski and thank all the talented photographers who participated in the 2023 Wheatbelt Way Photo Competition. Your contributions continue to enrich our understanding of the Wheatbelt Way’s unique charm and beauty.

2023 Wheatbelt Way Photo Competition Winner!

Lex Porebski

This photo was taken in the Shire of Westonia

Highly Commended

The following photos were identified as highly commended by the judging panel. 


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