The Wheatbelt Way self-drive trail

Visit up to 9 regional communities and 24 unique historical and natural attractions


The Wheatbelt Way self-drive trail will lead travellers on an
adventurous interpreted journey to the 9 regional communities
of Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Koorda, Bencubbin, Beacon,
Westonia, Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Trayning. It also highlights
24 unique sites ranging from natural attractions to sites of
historical importance. There will be many opportunities to stay
and experience the best the Northern Wheatbelt has to offer.

Travel to Dowerin 2hrs east of Perth or turn off the Great Eastern Highway at Carrabin and get started on your Wheatbelt Way adventure – it can be as long or as short as you like.

During the spring ask where to find the Koorda “rose”, visit the
Nungarin Military Museum and historic Mangowine Homestead,
or take in the magnificent views from the top of Elachbutting
Rock. The Wheatbelt Way has something for everyone!

Breathe the fresh air as you explore the history and natural
beauty of the Wheatbelt Way. Picture yourself surrounded by a
vast timeless land of bright skies and wide horizons, rich sights
and the sound of nature, warm sunny days and cool evening
breezes. Let us introduce you to the unique charm of the
Wheatbelt Way, where you can experience good old-fashioned
hospitality while exploring at your leisure. See you there!