Wheatbelt Way Open Gardens

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Discover the hidden treasures of the Wheatbelt Way as we invite you to step into the world of nine private gardens, each a unique testament to nature’s beauty and human creativity. From Thursday, October 12th, to Sunday, October 15th, 2023, embark on a journey of horticultural wonder as we open our garden gates to the public.


Experience the Wheatbelt Way’s Botanical Diversity: The Wheatbelt Way Open Gardens event offers you a rare opportunity to witness the remarkable gardens scattered across this iconic region. As you explore, be captivated by the charming landscapes and the stories they tell. From colorful floral displays to sustainable gardening practices, each garden showcases the essence of life in the Wheatbelt.


A Warm Welcome: Our gracious hosts welcome you with open arms as they share their passion for gardening. This is a chance to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, exchange gardening tips, and forge new friendships within the community. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just have a curious green thumb, you’re sure to find inspiration in these tranquil spaces.


Embrace Realistic Expectations: While the gardens are a testament to dedication and love, we kindly ask you to approach your visit with the understanding that we are in the heart of the Wheatbelt. Here, nature’s rhythm is unique, and our gardens reflect the challenges and triumphs of gardening in this region. Embrace the natural beauty of our landscapes and the creativity it has inspired.

Plan Your Visit:

  • Dates: Thursday, October 12th – Sunday, October 15th, 2023.
  • Location: Nine gardens spanning the Wheatbelt Way from Dowerin to Westonia which can be found in the Wheatbelt Way Open Gardens Booklet below. Each “Open garden” will have a colorful pink Bali-style flag at the entrance to each property. 
Participating Gardens are: 
Rex Adams – 37 Stacy St, Dowerin
Mary Marion – 39 Stacy St, Dowerin
Carolyn Metcalf – 702 Rabbit Proof Fence Rd, Hindmarsh
Teresa Couthard – 6 Honour Ave, Wyalkatchem
Quentin & Dianne Davies – 1842 Davies Rd, Korrelocking
Hugh & Deanne Morgan – 1112 Andrews Tank Rd, Bencubbin
Grant & Adrianne Whyte – 881 Barbalin North Rd, Wattoning
Bev Williams – 13 Gimlet Way, Mukinbudin
Michael & Glenda Cunningham – 39 Jasper St, Westonia
  • Opening Hours: Please ensure that you visit each garden within the opening hours advertised. We also encourage making contact with them via the mobile phone numbers provided so that you can check prior to your arrival. 

Join Us for an Unforgettable Journey: The Wheatbelt Way Open Gardens event promises a memorable experience for all who attend – you just need to gather some friends, jump in your car, and make it happen. Revel in the vibrant colors, soothing fragrances, and warm hospitality of our garden hosts. This is your chance to explore the Wheatbelt Way like never before, one garden at a time.


We look forward to welcoming you to our gardens and sharing the Wheabelt Way Open Gardens event with you from October 12th to 15th, 2023.