Koorda Drive In – Dates for 2024

Koorda Drive-In Outdoor Cinema was built in 1965. The Koorda Drive-In was one of many built in the 50’s and 60’s. There were over 80 in WA at their peak, as Drive-Ins were very popular. However, Koorda is one of only three Drive In’s that is still operating in WA. The Koorda Drive-In has a capacity of approximately 110 cars and still uses the original Westrex NTS RCA in-car speakers, although FM radio transmission has been added. The FM radio transmission sound system is of superior digital quality.
The original Simplex projectors (manufactured/built-in 1929) are still operational, and one is now housed in the diner downstairs for public viewing, these projectors are one of the oldest operating machines in Australia. The sound-heads are the original Westrex type and date back to 1927 when “talkies” were introduced. The sound system is still valve technology through some of the original Westrex, RCA & NTS speakers which hang on the car windows as in the past but a digital FM transmitter has been installed to provide superior sound through the modern car radio systems.
The huge screen measures approximately 22 metres wide and 20 metres high and was refurbished by local townsfolk in 2002, they completely rebuilt the frames and panels, then a coat of paint to give us the terrific screen we have today. In regards to our iconic history-making projectors, the oldest operational in Australia utilising 35mm films, this operating system was unfortunately faded out in 2014. In February 2015, Koorda converted to the newer digital system which offers a clearer picture and is more user-friendly.

Gates open at 6.30 pm in Summer and 6.00 pm in Winter. Movies to be screened on the night will be released closer to the date. Please note, dates are subject to change. Check our Facebook page for updates.

For more info contact us on 9684 1081 or admin3@koordacrc.net.au and head to our website.


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