The Hood-Penn Museum, Westonia

The Westonia Hood-Penn Museum features the Hood-Penn Collection which is a diverse collection of historical items. The museum has a number of scenes and also a “what’s your weight in gold” and a reproduction of an old Westonia Gold Mine. The building was completed in July of 2010, with the walkway access between the shire office and the museum building then completed in October of 2010.

Hood-Penn Museum, Westonia
The Hood-Penn Collection is a diverse collection of historical items. It includes old signs, bottles, tools, tins, saws, fuel bowser, lawn mower, various other hardware items, saddlery, carpentry tools (such as wooden lathes), old mail bags, newspapers, maps, books, magazines, furniture, domestic items such as irons, ceramic plates, stoves, laundry items (such as a scrub board and rinser), lamps, agricultural implements and machinery, radios, record player, gramophone, various other musical instruments, milk pails, butter churns, and old vehicle number plates. Since we were given the Hood-Penn Collection in 2009 we have also received other generous local donations and loans of historical items, some examples of which include an old record player, a jug and wash bowl set, a cash register and some historic newspapers.

The Museum hosts a number of scenes, including a bar scene, a petrol station/garage scene, a bedroom scene, a kitchen scene, and a grocery/hardware store scene, blacksmith scene. There is a large collection of beautiful display cabinets purchased from the Perth Mint.

Open Monday to Friday by entry through the Shire Office 9am to 4pm. Saturday & Sunday 10am to 12pm by volunteers.
Entry Fee $3 Adults $1 childrenContact the Shire of Westonia on 90467063 or email admin@westonia.wa.gov.au for futher information

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