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The Wheatbelt Way region is home to three distinct Aboriginal groups:

– The Njaki-Njaki Nyoongar

– The Ballardong Nyoongar

– The Kalamaia People (The Kalamaia people are also known as the “Gubrun” as language records from this area of the Goldfields show two languages for the region as being ‘Kaalamaya’ and ‘Gubrun’.)

The Njaki Njaki Nyoongar people traditional lands cover the towns of Nungarin, Trayning, Kununoppin and Westonia within the Wheatbelt Way. The Ballardong Nyoongar people traditional lands cover the towns of Dowerin, Koorda, Trayning and Wyalkatchem within the Wheatbelt Way. The Kalamaia people traditional lands cover the towns of Bencubbin, Beacon, Mukinbudin and Westonia.

There are only a few sites across the Wheatbelt Way that have formal aboriginal interpretation;

Site 14 – Beringbooding Rock

Site 21 – Billyacatting Hill Conservation Park; and

Site 22 – Trayning Gnamma Holes.

As a visitor, we ask that you pay respect to the land and the places you choose to visit. Please remember and respect the cultural values of these significant places.The granite rocks, waterways, land formations and flora and fauna within the region holds much cultural significance to the Traditional Owners.

For more information about Indigenous Tourism and protocols please refer to the following websites:




Tindal Map

Above: Tindal Tribal Boundaries Map of Western Australia

Tindal_Horton Map

Above: Tindal/Horton Map of Australia Aboriginal Tribal Boundaries.


Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail