2024 Wheatbelt Way Easter Trading

We just wanted to let you know the trading hours of some of our key businesses in the Wheatbelt Way towns over the 2024 Easter break.


Many of our Wheatbelt Way businesses are family-owned and operated businesses and also take the opportunity to have a break with their family over Easter too.


Please note that these days and times are current as of publishing but due to unforeseen circumstances opening hours may vary, so please check with the businesses directly. Pre-booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment if you are planning to have a meal at a business.


We have also included links below for all the details on Fuel Locations, Food and Meals, Accommodation and Campsites across the Wheatbelt Way.


We hope that this helps with planning your road trip across the Wheatbelt Way this Easter.



Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail