Tips for having a fun Easter Camping Trip in the Wheatbelt Way!

We’re all eager to support local businesses and explore our own backyards, and this Easter long weekend there are record numbers expected in camping grounds and caravan parks all over Australia! The Wheatbelt Way will be no exception!


Whether you’re heading off on your first camping trip or you’re a veteran camper to the Wheatbelt Way we’re here to help you get sorted to make your road trip runs smoothly so you can have even more fun.


1. Campgrounds and Caravan Parks

Easter is the busiest time of the year for campgrounds across WA. The Wheatbelt Way has 9 great Caravan Parks. Book your spot now if you have not already – there are plenty of spaces available for Easter. Our Caravan Parks are great spots to base yourself and to then take day trips out to local attractions.

The Wheatbelt Way has 14 free campgrounds that are not bookable. A few locations are increasingly popular so please be mindful of other campers and the environment. Have a backup plan, research now what are alternative locations if you arrive at your preferred campground and it has too many people for your liking! Please do not enter private properties unless you have the land owners permission.


Hot tip: Have a backup plan! Don’t rely on one campsite only!



2. Love thy neighbour in the Wheatbelt Way

Please be mindful of other campers in the Wheatbelt Way. Please remember camping etiquette:

  • Don’t camp too close to other campers.
  • Generators – don’t leave them running unattended and/or running them all hours of the night is unacceptable and very rude.
  • Leave no trace of your visit – pack it in – take it out! Take your rubbish with you, and leave the campsite spotless.
  • Where pets are allowed, ensure they are controlled – also remember that 1080 poisons are used for pest control across the Wheatbelt Way region and are lethal if ingested by your pets.
  • Sound travels at night, so late-night gatherings around the campfire need to be toned down. Just because you can party all night, doesn’t mean you should when others are nearby.
  • Be friendly to everyone you come across.
  • If a campsite has facilities, please leave them clean as you can. Composting toilets – put the lid down to avoid attracting flies, do not empty your RV toilet cassette into it! Flush toilets – do the same as for pit toilets with the lid, and they are called FLUSH toilets for a reason – use that button!!!! There are also many free RV dump points across the Wheatbelt Way, please use them. See below for the locations and the signage we have across the region.

Hot Tip: In case you were not aware please see below the bush toilet etiquette!


3. Love thy environment

We want to make sure that our free campgrounds and granite rocks in the Wheatbelt Way are sustainable and are here to stay for many more generations to enjoy.


Do your best to stay inside designated camping areas and stick to marked walk trails. Unless indicated please do not drive across granite rocks.


Campfires are allowed across the Wheatbelt Way. Please use the provided fire rings where possible. No firewood? Don’t chop down any trees! Please bring your own firewood with you for your campfires.

Hot tip: Pack your fly net! The bush flies are very friendly at the moment!!!



4. Stock up or not?

This is a hard question to answer as we want you to support our local towns and businesses in the Wheatbelt Way. We have put together a list of Easter Trading Hours for our local businesses. But we want you to also be prepared. Like you, some business owners will also have gone on holidays, so our little towns can be very quiet.


Do some research first and then take whatever food and drink you think is a must for the trip too…….just in case, the local store you counted on is closed over the Easter period.


You can’t plan for every contingency – stuff happens, but with children involved, do take pain medications and a well-stocked first aid kit. Emergency service information for the Wheatbelt Way can be found here.


Wafts of hot cross buns hanging in the air and you cannot pass an aisle in the supermarket without being tempted by chocolate eggs. The key to great Easter camping food is to keep it simple, there are so many camp food ideas on the internet! Check out this Jo Clew Cooking recipe for camp oven Banana Spring Rolls and this Easter Smore’s recipe – YUM!


Otherwise do some research as we have a range of Country Pubs and Cafes across the Wheatbelt Way that may be open and offering a great range of food!


And don’t forget to pack the Easter Eggs!


Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail