Campfire Restrictions in the Wheatbelt Way

We have had a very dry summer in the Wheatbelt Way! A common question from visitors who are starting to come out to the region is, will we be able to have a campfire? The answer entirely depends on daily local conditions, local restrictions, and the short-term and long-term climate. 

We have put together this blog with a range of information so that you as responsible campers can safely enjoy all the cosy comforts of a campfire when out camping in the Wheatbelt Way.

A Simple Summary!

Research the risks of the area before you leave.

The Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) is a new, simplified and nationally consistent Fire Danger Rating System.  Fire Danger Ratings describe the potential level of danger should a bushfire start. They provide important information so you can take action to protect yourself and others from the potentially dangerous impacts of a bushfire. Fire Danger Ratings are also used to regulate certain activities, to reduce the potential for fires to start. This includes burning activities, the use of certain vehicles, equipment and machinery and other agricultural and industry practices.


Firstly, learn the specific fire regions you are visiting, do not count on the town or Shire Council names.

Fire Weather Districts are used to communicate Fire Danger Ratings. WA is divided into 47 Districts. Visit Emergency WA to find which District you live in, work in or plan to travel through. For a full list of Western Australia’s Fire Weather Districts, and the Local Government areas they include click here.


The Wheatbelt Way has towns in the following Fire Weather Districts: 

Karroun: Mount Marshall (Beacon & Bencubbin), Mukinbudin & Westonia.

Mortlock: Koorda.

Avon: Dowerin & Wyalkatchem.

Lockwood: Nungarin & Trayning.


You can check your daily Fire Danger Rating on emergency.wa.gov.aubom.gov.au or by calling 13 3337 (13 DFES). For the four-day Fire Danger Rating forecast, see the text version page of Emergency WA. You can also see Fire Danger Rating signs across Western Australia from late November, displaying the daily Fire Danger Rating.

For more information, contact your local DFES Regional Office.

6 Simple Campfire Safety Tips

Here are some simple campfire safety tips for when you are out in the Wheatbelt Way:

  1. NO Fires in the Prohibited Burning Periods…..no exceptions. 
  2. Obey all the rules set out in the Wheatbelt Way campground that you are camping at…..no exceptions. 
  3. Use the marked fire pits at the campground. If no firepit is provided make your own in a safe location – making sure the area is clear of debris, dry leaves and grass and away from trees, shrubs and anything that could catch fire.
  4. Keep it small, and bring your own firewood with you. The taking of wood and use of chainsaws is strictly prohibited in our reserves and campgrounds. Leave dead wood where it lies as it is an important habitat for the local wildlife!
  5. Never leave a fire unattended. Gather enough wood and kindling before you light your fire. Ask someone else to get more if needed and keep a bucket of water or sand nearby to extinguish the fire if necessary.
  6. Extinguish the fire completely: When you’re done with the fire, use water or sand to extinguish it completely. Stir the ashes with a stick to make sure everything is out, and then pour more water on the ashes to cool them down.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable campfire experience in the Wheatbelt Way. 


Stay informed while you drive the Wheatbelt Way trail