Egg-cellent Easter Holiday Activities in the Wheatbelt Way

1. Cool off at the Mukinbudin Aquatic Centre

With the Weather forecast to be very warm across the Wheatbelt Way region this Easter Holiday the best place to be is splashing around in a Wheatbelt Way Swimming Pool. The good news is that the Mukinbudin Aquatic Centre will be open all weekend – with an Olympic Size (50m) swimming pool, a wading pool and a paddling pool, all surrounded by well-kept lawns and plenty of shade. There’s also a cricket pitch, diving boards and pool equipment for entertainment for all ages! Free Wi-Fi available – ask the Pool Manager for login details. BBQ and Kiosk facilities are also available.

2. Easter Sunday in Nungarin!

Indulge yourself at the famous Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets (held between 8 am and 12 pm on Sunday 4th April). At each market, 35 – 45 market stalls are set up in the Nungarin Town Hall (and the Mall between the Nungarin Town Hall and the Shire of Nungarin Offices) as well as along the length of the town’s main street.

Children always enjoy free rides on the train that loops up and down the main street on Nungarin Wheatbelt Market Sundays. Visitors can take a break from shopping and relax with a bacon and egg roll from the Sausage Sizzle or enjoy a sumptuous morning tea in the hall. Alternatively, drop into Wegner’s Rural for real coffee and a homemade sausage roll or head up to the Woolshed Hotel for a pub lunch.

The Nungarin Heritage and Army Museum is open every market day from 8 am to 12 pm and the amazing heritage-listed Mangowine Homestead (located 14 kilometers from Nungarin) is also open from 10 am to 4 pm.

3. Early Morning Bushwalk

With the weather being warm we highly recommend that if you are heading out to visit many of the Wheatbelt Way rocks and reserves that you head out early in the morning to beat the heat! Take with you plenty of water, wear appropriate shoes and don’t forget to pack a fly net! If you are out exploring in the Wheatbelt Way please tag us in your photos on your socials #wheatbeltway as we love to see the adventures of our visitors!

4. Stargazing under clear Wheatbelt Way night skies

Ever wondered why the Easter date changes each year? Sometimes the Easter date is in early April. Sometimes it’s in late April. There are other times the Easter date changes to late March. Believe it or not, the reason the Easter date changes every year has a lot to do with astronomy! It’s got nothing to do with a decision made by churches, public holidaymakers, or governments.

Quite simply, Easter Sunday is deemed to be the first Sunday after the full moon, following the March Equinox. Just so you know, the March Equinox is always on or around 22nd March each year. 

Check out Astrotourism WA April 2021 Stargazing information of what to look for in the night skies!

April 2021

By Wheatbelt Way on 31 Mar 2021