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Located 235 kilometres from Perth, the Trayning Shire has the towns of Kununoppin, Trayning and Yelbeni, home to around 400 people with a focus on agriculture.


One of the smallest shires in the country with around 240 people, but what we lack in size we make up for in just about everything else.  Nungarin is located 300 kilometres east of Perth.


The Shire of Mukinbudin was settled by pastoralists who in the 1870’s took up large leases in excess of 20,000 acres to run sheep, as well as by Sandalwood cutters and miners en-route to the goldfields.


The town of Westonia owes its beginnings to the discovery of gold by a prospector known as Alfred David Weston. He spent several years on the eastern goldfields and was finally rewarded in 1910 when he discovered a reef carrying good values.


The town of Beacon is a vibrant and well established town boasting a good range of facilities and services. Formerly known as Beacon Rock, the name was changed to Beacon in 1931 to avoid confusion with another railway siding and like many of the towns in the area Beacon has a rich agricultural history.


Bencubbin is one of the two main centres servicing the Shire of Mt Marshall, an area of 10,134 square kilometres and which is approximately 273 kilometres northeast of Perth.


Koorda came into being as a siding when the railway north and east from Wyalkatchem was gazetted in 1917. The township sprang up around the railway worker’s camp and saw the establishment of a general store, post office, blacksmith, greengrocer and hostel to accommodate seasonal workers, mainly baggers of wheat.


Wyalkatchem has a population of 523 residents. The district was explored in 1864 and the first settlers took up land in 1904. However, it wasn’t until 4 years later that the town site was officially declared.


The Shire of Dowerin is located 160 kilometres, or 2 hours, northeast of Perth. The Shire has around 700 residents who enjoy the appealing country environment which is complemented by a vibrant community lifestyle as well as the development of state of the art new facilities, such as the Dowerin Community Club recreation facility.

Tin Dog Creek

In the late 1800's as miners were heading to the Yilgarn Goldfields, this creek was used as a resting place for the men and their horses. They called their tinned beef 'tinned dog', presumably because of the taste, and many years later these cans can still be seen scattered in the bush as you walk along the trails.


This tiny town occupies an area formerly known as 36 Mile Post on the Rabbit Proof Fence. This was also where a railway siding was built in 1911 on the railway line heading east to Bencubbin that supported the early settlers of the district with supplies and transport.

Naaning Well

Located east of Dowerin, just off the Goomalling-Merredin Road, Naaning Well site was significant for supplying water to gold seekers on the goldfields track to the Yilgarn Goldfield in the late 1800's.

Korrelocking Reserve

Korrelocking Reserve consists of an area of 259ha of pristine bushland 7km east of Wyalkatchem and can be accessed via two roads; Goldfields Road and Tyler Road, which cuts the reserve diagonally from northwest to southeast.

Wyalkatchem Well

Wyalkatchem Well, otherwise known as Wyalkatchem tank due to it being uniquely rectangular in form with sloped granite sides to create a stone tank, was constructed by John Haywood for the Toodyay Roads Board in 1881. Haywood was an expiree who farmed at Toodyay.

Cowcowing Cemetery

Cowcowing townsite originated as a railway siding and was gazetted in 1919. However the town is long gone and all that remains is the CBH Wheatbin and Cowcowing Cemetery, located 4km a further 4km north of the townsite.

Koorda Native Flora Reserve

The Koorda Native Flora Reserve is located 16km north of the town on the Mulji Road. Numerous species of flora native to the area are on display and offer the ideal setting for a leisurely stroll along the guided walk trail.

Gabbin Townsite

Gabbin is located in the eastern agricultural area of the Wheatbelt about 17 km west of Bencubbin. When the railway line from Wyalkatchem to Mount Marshall was proposed to be constructed through this area in 1913 the need for a station place was identified.

Marshall Rock Reserve

A favourite leisure spot for locals, Marshall Rock has been the location for many community barbeques and picnics dating back as far as 1913.

Pergande Sheepyards & Homestead

For a trip back in time, a visit to Pergande Sheep Yards is a must. Located at the site are the remains of an original and prominent homestead and sheep yards that were constructed almost entirely from local granite.

Billiburning Rock & Reserve

Billiburning Rock was surveyed by Harry Sanford King around 1889 and the rock itself is part of quite a large reserve. It has attractive flora and fauna, fantastic views from the top, and is a pleasant place to picnic or camp.

Datjoin Rock & Well

Datjoin Well and Rock reserve has several unique rock formations located east of Beacon, an area opened to pastoral leases as far north as Datjoin in 1872 and the well was dug in early 1900’s by sandalwood cutters.

Bonnie Rock Townsite

Bonnie Rock is a townsite on the edge of the Eastern Wheatbelt, and was the terminus of the railway line through Beacon. The townsite was gazetted in 1932, its lateness due to the land around Bonnie Rock not being surveyed until 1928-29.

Beringbooding Rock

Beringbooding Rock has the largest rock water catchment tank in Australia, built-in 1937 and holding two and a quarter million gallons. “Sustenance Labour” was used to build the tank at a cost of 10,000 pounds.

Elachbutting Rock Well & Reserve

Elachbutting Rock is a massive granite outcrop, a very popular camping spot for 4x4 wheel clubs and for locals, as well as a popular site for weddings.

Sandford Rocks

Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve is another great place to get close to nature in the Wheatbelt. This idyllic reserve contains a complex mosaic of exposed granite rock, with surrounding shrublands and woodlands.

Boodalin Soak

Boodalin Soak is located approximately 6kms west of Westonia, just off Stoneman Road. The soak is within the Westonia Common which consists of 5600ha of Salmon Gum, Morrell and Gimlet woodland.

Weira Gnamma Hole & Reserve

Located 13 kilometres east of Mukinbudin is the Weira Reserve. It boasts a picturesque limestone breakaway with a gnamma hole. There are barbecue, picnic and camping facilities including a toilet. Native flora and fauna abounds.

Wattoning Historical Site

The Wattoning gnamma hole was an important water site for Aborigines. In the late 1800’s two rock lined wells and a soak were constructed by early pastoralists and precious water was carted from these by pastoralists, sandalwood cutters and prospectors.

Mangowine Homestead

Long a place of hospitality, the Mangowine Homestead is a beautiful historic building built in 1876 and remains a necessary stop for people travelling through the region.

Billycatting Hill Nature Reserve

Located on the Trayning Shire’s eastern boundary is the 2,500ha Billycatting Hill Nature Reserve, a nature lover’s paradise, especially during wildflower season.

Trayning Gnamma Holes

The Trayning Gnammas are located 18km north of Trayning and they are some of the largest in the district. Gnamma’s are the name for watering holes given by the aboriginal people.

Trayning Historic Well

In 1869, John Forrest named the local water source at Trayning, which was his spelling of the local Aboriginal name Duri-iring, a combination of two words meaning to crawl and a camping place.

Yelbeni Townsite & Museum

The Yelbeni Town Site Museum is relatively new, having been developed in 2002. It houses a very interesting collection of local history ranging from photos, plaques and pieces of vintage farm machinery that provide an accurate and informative glimpse of the past.
1) Tin Dog Creek
2) Minnivale
3) Naaning Well
4) Korrelocking Reserve
5) Wyalkatchem Well
6) Cowcowing Cemetery
7) Koorda Native Flora Reserve
8) Gabbin Townsite
9) Marshall Rock Reserve
10) Pergande Sheepyards & Homestead
11) Billiburning Rock & Reserve
12) Datjoin Rock & Well
13) Bonnie Rock Townsite
14) Beringbooding Rock
15) Elachbutting Rock Well & Reserve
16) Sandford Rocks
17) Boodalin Soak
18) Weira Gnamma Hole & Reserve
19) Wattoning Historical Site
20) Mangowine Homestead
21) Billycatting Hill Nature Reserve
22) Trayning Gnamma Holes
23) Trayning Historic Well
24) Yelbeni Townsite & Museum